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Currently working for PLATFORM.
I work with clients in both Cultural & Commercial practice ranging from Apparel, Art Direction,  Publication, Branding &
other Bits & Bobs.





  At the break of day, when you are reluctant to get up, have this thought ready to mind; ‘I am getting up for a man’s work. Do I still then resent it, if I am going out to do what I was born for, the purpose for which I was brought into this world? Or was I created to wrap myself in blankets and keep warm?’

   ‘But this is more pleasant.’ Were you then born for pleasure - all of feeling, not for action? Can you not see plants, birds, ants, spiders, bees all doing their work, each helping in their own way to order the world?

    And then you do not want to do the work of a human being - you do not hurry to the demands of your own nature. ‘But one needs to rest to’ One does indeed: I agree. But nature has set limits to this too, just as it has to eating and drinking, and yet you go beyond these limits, beyond what you need.

   Not in your actions, though not any longer here you stay below your capability.
— Marcus Aurelius (Meditations)